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lugubriousjoy's Journal

Ken Jennings is My Role Model
18 February
Dum spiro, spero.
adult swim, ahl, alexandria, amnesty international, anxiety, aqua teen hunger force, barry melrose, barry zito, bartleby the scrivener, below 14th street, big government conspiracies, bipolar disorder, bleecker street, boba fett, bookstores, brak, bring it back, buddhism, c-span, california, canal street, catcher in the rye, cheesiness, chocolate, christopher marlowe, cinnabon, conrad aiken, control, cuadp, depression, desperation, divine voices, dontrelle willis, dr. phil is scary, dreams, elijah wood, epistles, evil, fan fic, fearless, fiendin', frylock, gaia moore, gatchaman, gore vidal, government, henry david thoreau, hockey, holden caulfield, islam, ivy league, john buccigross, korn, latin, life, lifehouse, llamas, loss, love, manipulation, marx & engels, marxism, master shake, mcdonalds, meatwad, miracles, mojave desert, movies, mst3k, music, my communist jacket, neopets, nhl, ocd, paranoia, pat leahy, pitchers, politics, psychology, punishment, purim, quietly plotting world takeover, rage against the machine, raging against the machine, rain, reading, reincarnation, religion, replica, revolution, robbie williams, route 66, sarcasm, shopping, skepticism, slash, social awareness, socialism, starbucks vanilla creme frappuccino, sympathy, the great gatsby, the koran, the law, the llama song, the mail, the new york times, the papacy, the system, the washington post, the west wing, theo fleury, thinking, transcendentalism, united states congress, united states supreme court, victorville, virginia, washington square park, watching tv, weezer, writing, wwf, zorak